I am not a big fan of counseling, but I need it right now.  I don’t know when the depression started really, and I don’t really care, I just want to get better.  My counselor let  me know that I am ready for a new pet when I said it wouldn’t replace Rocky and that I could give it love and what it needs.  I hope nothing happens so I can get the puppy on Thursday.


I will be getting a puppy this Thursday.  I don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl, but the name Ginger keeps coming to mind.  It won’t replace Rocky, but loving it will hopefully help me get over my grief over him and help me to cherish my time with it.  I thank God that He sent the right information my way when He did.


It’s been over a month and my depression is getting better.  I may be getting a puppy, which will help, but it will not replace Rocky anymore than Rocky replaced Midnight, Spot or Prince anymore than any of them replaced Fluffy.  I will be able to love my next pet for what it is, not to have it replace any of my other pets.


Many special needs people get along great with animals.  They talk to them, pet them, love them, etc.  Animals are what they want to be around because the animals don’t judge them and they give them the unconditional love they need and want.  It is amazing how animals get along with people who are considerate and kind to them.


Some people with special needs have problems with money.  I used to, but I learned real quick after declaring bankruptcy.  I do my best to live in my means which means I don’t much outside of the house.  I also don’t impulse buy like I used to.

Car accident

There had been an accident outside our home when my mom and I returned from eating out and shopping; it was gone when we got home.  I wish people would stop thinking they are on a racetrack and do the speed limit.  Just glad we weren’t home when it happened.

Good Day

Having a good day today.  Took my mom to the doctor and he said she is doing well, we went out to eat, then went to the post office and bank before returning home.  Now we are doing clothes and chillin’.  Hope the afternoon is as good as the morning and also the evening.


Yesterday was not very good.  I am starting my cycle and until I took pain pills the antidepressants did not work well.  I have to still take the pain pills today, but it allows the antidepressants to work like they are supposed to.

Doctor’s Appointment

My doctor’s appointment went well.  I am doing better and I tend to do better when it is sunny outside.  It is sunny right now and it is going to get worse, just don’t know how much worse.  We could get slammed with ice or not get any at all.  Well, God is in control and He knows what I can handle and when.