Yesterday, my mom and I went to the cemetery to see Pop’s grave, talk to him and leave flowers (fake) because it was his birthday.  Then we went out to eat at El Chico, mailed some dolls to 4 girls and went to the counseling center at Lake Pointe to make an appointment.  There was an opening at 3:00 and so I saw Evan for the first time as a counselor; I will see him again on January 2nd.  The session went well and we have a plan in place.


Had to go to the doctor.  My diabetes is under control, but my dyspraxia is not.  I am going on antidepressants for at least one year and to counseling.  I also have tendonitis in my biceps muscles in my right arm.  How long will I be able to work?  I hope until I can retire.


Jobs are a pain in the ass, especially when people complain all the time.  I guess whenever someone starts complaining I’ll have to walk away.  And I will have to write in Lindsay’s and my book, and, hopefully, books that we can sell (hopefully).  The UK dyspraxia foundation says that writing is one of the best jobs for people with dyspraxia.  I hope they are correct.