People with special needs tend to do a lot of crafts.  It is an outlet for all their anger and frustrations and something they enjoy.  If your special needs child enjoys doing crafts and different arts, encourage them to do so.

Family History Book

I am reading the family history book that a cousin, my mom and a cousin by marriage wrote and had published.  I haven’t gotten far in it yet, but it is interesting what I have read.  I am glad they did it and we learned that there were several people who have special needs in our family.


Lindsay and I are writing a children’s book and she will illustrate it.  Don’t know if it will sell, but we will put it on etsy and see.  We plan to donate some of the money to NODCC and Dyspraxia Foundation.  She has ACC and I have dyspraxia.  Hopefully, God will let it be successful for us.


Worked my butt off Saturday and yesterday.  My job in the café is one of the most dissatisfying ones I have ever had.  I enjoyed it much more when the café was in the children’s area; people were grateful back then.  Now that we are in the main building, people are so ungrateful and mean.  Wish people would be considerate again.


Again, I will say I hate to drive.  There are too many people who have a driver license and shouldn’t.  Had two people who didn’t know where they were going and turned left from a go straight or turn right lane and rushed to get ahead of me because they weren’t in the turn left lane.  And one idiot ran a stop sign and almost creamed my car; I honked my horn at him.  I hate driving!

Safe Haven

My car is the only safe haven I have.  I can say things in there I can’t say anywhere else; I still have to be careful what I say.  I told my mom that the car was my safe haven and she left me alone.  Always have a safe haven to go to and say what you want.