Peace and Quiet

All special needs people need to have peace and quiet, especially the older they get.  It is just essential that they stay cool, calm and collected.  I am now having to find as quiet and calm a place at work to take my breaks because it is too chaotic where the teens I work with are.  Maybe my disposition at work will start changing for the better if I can find a better place to rest; I hope so.


Special needs people, whether they are right or wrong, have a sense of betrayal if no one takes them seriously.  They tire out faster than normal people, they get made fun of more and just have no trust in anyone because of how they were treated by their peers in school.  I just wish that people would take into consideration how people with special needs feel and treat all of us with dignity and respect.

Wedding gifts

Went to Target’s to buy wedding gifts for a 2nd cousin who is getting married soon.  For anyone with special needs, especially multiple ones like my mom and I, that is no small feat.  Hope my cousin and his soon-to-be wife have a long and happy marriage.


Worked today in childcare at the church.  I think one of our children is special needs and one I know is  one; the one I know for sure has heart problems.

I also worked in the café.

All went well in both places although there must be a full moon or a change in the weather because the kids were very  rambunctious.

Things not good

Things are not good for my mom.  She had an ultrasound done on both sides of her neck and left leg; the left side of her neck is the only one that had really good circulation.  I have seen and heard enough of the ultrasounds to know the difference between what is good and what is bad.  We will see the doctor on Monday and find out the true results of the ultrasound and what the next step is; we are trying to save my mom’s leg.

All is well

Went to the doctor to find out what my numbers are.  They are all doing well.  Being a diabetic, I have to keep my numbers as low as possible, but not too low.  I also had to tell her I got stung by a yellow jacket on Saturday night.  She told me it was healing properly.