High blood pressure

I also have high blood pressure.  Best way to help lower it is taking the prescription(s) for it and lowering your salt intake.  There are no real signs for it, hence it’s nickname of “silent killer”.

If high blood pressure runs in your family, it is best that your doctor keep an eye on yours.  Do as your doctor tells you to keep it under control.


I also have diabetes.  It is hard to keep my blood sugars under control, but if I can keep the A1C under control that is what really matters.

I also need to keep my stress levels under control.  If I could stay home more rather than driving with so called good drivers that would help with the stress.  Also, if my mom would stay healthy that would help too.

All-in-all my life is good.  I don’t have any of the complications of diabetes yet and I have had it for three years now.

The symptoms I have as an adult

I tend to tire easily, hate driving, be slower at doing things (like reading and dressing), get more angry, frustrated, irritable and have less tolerance.

I am getting to the point to where I want to stay home more rather than go anywhere because of the crazy way that people drive today.

I enjoy reading, but it takes me twice as long as most people to read because I have to read every single word or I get lost.

But despite, all the symptoms, I enjoy life as much as possible and do what I can for myself.

How I got diagnosed with dyspraxia

I was twelve when my parents took me to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.  A doctor named Lucius Waites diagnosed me with dyspraxia; he also diagnosed my younger brother as having a reading disorder, but it is not dyslexia.

I spent a short time in the hospital itself and took both physical and occupational therapy.  The therapies helped me to get stronger and to cope with how to do things for myself.  I would have stayed in the hospital longer, but I was too worried about my mom to do what they needed me to do; my mom was having back issues at that time.

If you want more information on Scottish Rite Hospital you can go to http://www.tsrhc.com and learn more about the services they offer children.  It is a non-profit hospital in that you don’t pay for the services.

Why I am writing blog


I am writing this post for anyone who has a special need or parents with a child or children with special needs or even friends of people with special needs.  My name is Ruth Ann and I have dyspraxia.  I want people to free to vent whatever they need to vent, good and bad and for all of us to give one another ideas on how to teach our special needs children to live in the world.  I also want those of us that have a special need to teach the world how we cope and to accept advice from people on how to cope with it better.

Dyspraxia is hard to describe and understand.  I tend to liken it to a robot.  I am slow at everything I do; it takes me about twice as long as most people to get dressed, read a book (which I enjoy doing), etc.  I get frustrated sometimes because I want to be faster, but if I go faster than my brain can tell my muscles what to do, I mess up.  Dyspraxia is a neurological condition.  There is no cure for it, it is mostly in males and the symptoms show up more the older you get.  People with dyspraxia also tend to have speech impediments because we can’t make our muscles in our mouths work correctly.  Dyspraxics are intelligent.  That is all I can think of right now.

If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.  I want this to be a safe place for everyone.

Thank you.